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  1. [khitai] Carte tour

    Nice! Thanks, guys! Merci!
  2. [khitai] Carte tour

    I have a question about the tower map. Some areas have two line-of-sight dots. Do these count as one area that happen to have multiple line-of-sight points or are these actually separate areas and there just isn't a dividing line for some reason? Thanks!
  3. Campaign's scenario sheet

    That was fast! Thank you very much! Thank you very much! This is great! Crom approves!
  4. Just wanted to say that my friends and I had a lot of fun with this scenario. The crowd mechanic with the web tokens was brilliant. The OL had my Conan occupied for a while. The heroes almost won, but lost due to running out of time. I made the mistake of separating everyone and the OL did a good job keeping me the Camel away from me. We were all over the map. If we had only had one more round, I think we could have done it! Very tense and fun! It has a good sense of humor, too! Thanks for putting this together!
  5. @Ellou Sorry, I just saw this! I've been away from the forum for a week or so. Main de la mort: Hand of Death Ralentissement: Deceleration Inversion: Inversion Retour des braves: Return of the Brave I hope that helps!
  6. Alliés de Pelias?

    Demon of the Earth (Démon de la Terre )! As it says on the KS page: "The earth demon can be summoned by both hero and overlord sorcerers to give them a huge punch in combat!"
  7. @Bêêêêêlit, sorry, I just got around to this. You got most of them! For weaponry, it's: Javelin, Parrying Dagger, Shield, Pirate Saber, Zingaran Breastplate, and Buckler. Spells: Return of the Brave, Set's Possession, Tears of Dagon, Magic Block, Teleportation, and Inversion. For the Special Rules: Hut Flaps: A character must spend 1 extra movement point to move across a border into or out of a hut. Moving across an opening token does not cost the extra movement point. Climbing: A character with Climb can move across boulders (boulder token icon) as though they were a border by spending 2 extra movement points. It doesn't actually talk about Wall Wrecker in the scenario. That's only on the skill sheet, which says: Wall Wrecker: This character can spend 2 movement points to move across a wall or wooden door from 1 area to an adjacent area and place an opening token on that obstacle. Treat an opening token as a border that does not block line of sight. Note that on the English Skill Sheet, it does not specify wooden walls, so you may want to change it to "move across a wooden wall or wooden door" for clarity, as this led to some confusion early on with English speaking players.
  8. @Ellou, all correct except for the last one! Spells: - Mind Control - Lethal Cloud - Energy Drain - Yajur's Awakening (There's a "j" on the English card, so it's Yajur, instead of Yagur)
  9. @Ellou, You got most of them! Equipment: - Mitra's Mace - Turanian Sword - Sacred Treasure - Idol of Yag-Kosha - Xuthal's Crown - Sacrificial Dagger Stygian Artifact, Ring, Empty Chest, and Life Potion are all OK! Spells: - Eel Skin - Bel's Caress - Gift of Life (I think. There's also Life Transfer, but I think it's the Gift of Life one)
  10. Yes, I am ready to do any proof-reading that is needed. I also started to translate the spell card template.
  11. Hi! I just saw this post. I would definitely like to help however I can, but I'm not sure what I can do. I can't speak French very well. However, I do have a friend who is proficient in French (he lived and studied music in Paris for several years). I've asked him and he said he would be willing to help translate scenarios and stuff. I'm not sure how long it would take him, though. If I were to give him a few to work on, which scenarios would you recommend as being the best to get started on?
  12. Editeur de scenarios en ligne

    That's great we can vote on the scenarios! The axes are nice! Is there a way to see how many people voted? That way we could know how weighted the scores are.
  13. [ENG Friendly] Welcome

    Bonjour! Hello! I know Crom needs no introduction, but I just wanted to say hi and thanks for creating this forum! This is a great resource! I only know a couple dozen words in French, but thanks to Google Translate being integrated with Google Chrome, I'm able to read through the forum well enough. I actually tried to teach myself French about a year ago using the DuoLingo app, so that I could read my French Moebius comics, but stopped for some reason, even though I was starting to be able to read bits and pieces well enough. Perhaps this site will encourage me to pick it back up. Conan has easily become my favorite game of the year, and I hope to see it and the community around it continue to grow for many years. So, thanks again for putting this together and thanks to all those creating new scenarios and tools to create new scenarios. It's really exciting to see it blossom. I hope everyone has a great holiday season and a very happy New Year full of lots of gaming! Crom approves!
  14. Chasseurs pictes - verts 02

    Awesome work! They're all gorgeous!
  15. Editeur de scenarios en ligne

    The toolbar on the left is to insert icons (such as dice symbols) into your text. I'm using Google Translate to read the site. I hope you do not mind my posting in English.

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