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  1. So if a Hero doesn't want to be shoot, he only needs to close his eyes to interrupt LoS, right?
  2. Since we are in the official forum, it would be nice to have an official answer...
  3. Are you certain?
  4. Nope, you can use it only on miniatures you don't have Line of Sight to. Beside you can spend 3 gems max, meaning you can only move your enemy two areas or less (if the activation costs 1 gem). Not overpowered in my opinion.
  5. Thing is if the spell has an activation cost of 1, same as the Teleport spell, or not.
  6. @NURTHORwhich part of the revised rules has made you change your mind?
  7. Merci @NURTHOR! I'm guessing so, same as Teleport. First gem to "activate" the spell and the rest for the effect. Anyway, let's see if we can get an official answer...
  8. Quick question about this spell: If you spend three gems, how many areas can you move your target? a) Three areas because you have spent three gems. b) Two, because the first gem is the cost of using the spell and does not add to the number of areas.
  9. Got mine today! Thanks to everybody involved, and specially to Monolith for making it possible!
  10. The Devil is in the details. Here you are an useful Hyborian names (Aquilonian, Cimmerian and Stygian) generator for your scenarios: Hyborian Names
  11. They are offering as stretch-goals some Conan movie characters. If they can, I hope Monolith do something like that in the future...
  12. One question: How do Heroes get the Special Equipment cards? They get one at the end of Scenario #17, what about the rest? Edit: Nevermind, I've found they apear in some Scenarios.
  13. Truly impressive!
  14. I know Helldorado miniatures, I'm afraid they are slightly bigger than Conan's ,miniatures, specially the bald guys. They may work as champions or something like that.