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  1. [Décor] Table de jeu 3D (village picte)

    Impressive work! Here you are another version, maybe you can get some ideas: Link to Lead Adventure forum.
  2. Scenarios for 7+ players

    Hi all! I have a problem, I have too many players wanting to play Conan!! Last time I managed to play two scenarios at the same time with an additional homemade Book of Skelos and Turn marker (and using small coins instead of gems in one of the games!), but it's a headache because you need to chose carefully the scenarios so there is no overlapping of Heroes, enemies, equipment... So I was wondering if any of you have tried to develop a scenario for 7-8 players. My rough idea so far is to have two teams of 3 players and an Overlord. Both Hero teams will have the same goal and they will need to compete to win, and the Overlord will hassle them both. My first problem is what map to chose because I'll need a big one. I'm thinking about the Stygian city plust the the ship one, as used in one of the scenarios. Any ideas/advices?
  3. Snakemen

    I was thinking this upcoming Reaper miniatures would be a nice addition to the Stygia expansion: I can envision an old Set temple protected by these gang... These are from the current Reaper Bones Kickstarter, so I'm afraid they will take long to hit the shelves.
  4. Modiphius Conan maps

    Word of advice! Printing size is too small. This is the PDF adjusted to real printing size. Zones are way too small, specially in the last one.
  5. Achats groupés Kickstarter Conan N°2

    I wouldn't mind joining in! I'm interested in: - Black Ones. - Xavier Colette Box. - Wolves I could take as well: - Brom Box - Dragon - Baal Pteor
  6. Livret de règles V2 : livraison en cours.

    I wish the English edition had kept the original covers.
  7. I was wrong about area attacks, they can be blockes with a shield but not parried with a weapon: Still, using Garde du corps for defending more than one character against the same attack feels a bit abussive, but I guess is like that.
  8. I think area attacks can be dodged but not parried. So no parry against the area spell.
  9. Modiphius Conan maps

    I got the the Geomorphic tiles in PDF! 192 tiles and I *guess* 8 of them would suffice to make a map. Dungeons, streets, building interiors, beaches, ships, decks, walled cities... They look amazing! I'm probably not allowed to share this...
  10. Conan : kickstarter n°2

    Me too! The compendium looks great, it's a must have.
  11. The Riddle of Steel

    I've stumbled upon this and it's so cool I had to share it.
  12. Rapport de campagne

    I have played 3 scenarios of the campaign so far and I'm really enjoying it! In fact I think besides the "regional" expansions, it would be a good idea to release campaigns in the same format (some new maps and miniatures and maybe a new hero although at this point I think we have more than enough). Linked games with hero progression are more rewarding to play than single games and by now the game has a legion of faithful players playing assidously. About the "problem" of having fixed heroes for each scenario, maybe some guidelines could be provided for some alternate heroes of the same kind. I mean, if a scenario needs Shevatas because he has the Evasive skill, probably he can be replaced by Taurus or Savage Bêlit (even if she's more of a fighter a would made the scenario easier if fighting is important to win). As always, sorry to write in English, my French is not too good.
  13. Check out the amazing board they made! Link
  14. Controle Mental

    Perfectly clear now, thanks Tony!
  15. Controle Mental

    @tony merci beacoup pour ta reponse! So, does the target move number of gems spent + 1 zones? If that's the case, why would a Hero want to cast the spell just once with 3 gems (3 + 1 zones) instead of casit it 3 times (( 1 + 1) x 3) ? I think I'm missing something still.

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