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  1. I can provide you with the source PSD file if that will help.
  2. Ken


    1. Can Charybdis use Groundswell to move onto a rock? 2. If so, when on a rock, does Charybdis benefit from the +1 attack and +1 range?
  3. After playtesting this scenario a number of times, I made a few revisions to this scenario.
  4. Yes! There are many variables, and my biggest concern is if Conan finds the key too quickly, or if Pelias find the Idol too quickly. I like your idea of a 5 team game...perhaps 4 players racing to be the first to collect X objects, with the Overlord winning if no one gets them all within Y rounds. That might be my next scenario!
  5. Hello. This is my first post on this forum, but I wanted to share a scenario I designed that has three teams: the Overlord vs Conan/Pallantides vs Pelias/Taurus. It uses the citadel map. The overlord controls two powerful magic users and a host of the undead to battle two different teams of heroes with two different win conditions. In this scenario, the heroes can fight each other, because if one team wins, the other team loses. Intro: Far to the south, the warlock Nesbit has conquered a garrison of Aquilonian soldiers and raised them as skeletons to defend him. King Conan has gathered his forces for a frontal assault. Knowing time runs short and that the Warlock is per forming a ritual that will raise a horde large enough to over whelm his entire army, Conan, Pallantides, and a handful of soldiers have pushed forward, prepared to storm the citadel. Meanwhile, the necromancer Pelias has decided to take advantage of the raging battle to steal the ancient Stygian artifact that grants Nesbit the power to raise the dead: the Idol of Yag Kosha. With the help of a hired thief named Taurus, Pelias has infiltrated the citadel's rear entrance. Time is running out, however, because Nesbit has bound the Idol to his life force. If Nesbit dies while the Idol is still within the citadel, it will also be destroyed. Necromancer Incursion.pdf
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