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  • From Batman Versus Mode to Conan Beyond The Monolith

  • It’s been two years since the Batman campaign ran, and as we are about to launch the Conan: BTM campaign, we though we’d take a look at how the Versus mode has evolved into the gameplay foundation for all our future Beyond The Monolith projects.
    Note: This short article is aimed primarily at those players with a prior understanding of the Batman: GCC Vs mode.
    Heads up, If you own a copy of the Batman: GCC Core boxes and Versus expansion, and want to affordably upgrade your Batman: GCC versus set up to be fully useable with the BTM Core System and replicate the content of a BTM Core System box, then the upcoming Kickstarter will include a just above cost conversion kit. The kit contains components to add to your existing Legacy B:GCC VS command posts to update them to play BTM and (due to demand) Legacy components (additional APDs) that will allow you to use your existing B:GCC command posts to play B:GCC Vs Mode. Each kit contains components to upgrade 2 Command Posts.
    Team formation is less limited
    Conan BTM breaks down the recruitment limitations associated with previous scenarios. Moving forwards, a Recruitment Point cost is indicated on each unit tile, based on that units’ personality and statistics.
    Every BTM scenario now has a Recruitment Point budget, from which players pay their units’ Recruitment Point cost in order to form their choice of the ideal team to crack the scenario objectives.
    Initial river Set up is still the same, but the only placement constraint is Hero and troop tiles must alternate – here’s an example.
    In this scenario, each player has a maximum of 17 Recruitment Points to spend when assembling their team.
    Highly scripted scenarios involve more river/ tile placement constraints:




    This scenario dictated starting river set up indicates the specific slots that Conan, a pirate unit and a heavy crossbow unit must start in.


    Greater freedom of character deployment
    The deployment of each character of each tile, is performed alternately, player by player and tile by tile onto the areas indicated by the scenario set up diagram. Only 3 characters can deploy into a single zone.



  • In certain scenarios, specific characters have specific deployment areas.




    In this example – the specific areas into which Conan, the pirates and the heavy crossbows are deployed are scenario dictated.

    Your Energy Cube pool is now linked to team formation

    Your starting Energy Cube pool – the core resource mechanic for performing actions in the game is now determined by the amount of Energy Cubes each unit tile contributes to the team.
    So, players now have the choice of recruiting units that have the same Recruitment Point cost, but that contribute different Energy Cube amounts. Weak but altruistic units who contribute large EC amounts or powerful but egotistical units who contribute a smaller EC amount.
    The addition of “Strain Cubes” now ensures game turn arrhythmia
    In Batman: GCC Versus mode, arrhythmia (opponents don’t achieve the identical number of activations per turn, either in relation to each other, or during turns) was assured by the APD (Activation Potential Disk) mechanism.
    During playtesting with experienced players, this mechanism worked well. However, in the general player arena, there was a tendency to be conservative when expending APD’s which in turn meant that full arrythmia was hard to achieve. Additionally, in order to intensify arrhythmia in BTM games, the APD mechanism has been replaced by the Strain Cubes mechanic.
    The Strain Cubes mechanic works like this
    After an initial activation, the first additional activation blocks one Enhancement Energy Cube payment slot with a Strain Cube in addition to its Energy Cube cost.
    Want to perform a 2nd additional activation – block two more Enhancement Energy Cube payment slots and pay the Energy Cube cost – A third – three, so it’s much rarer to see a Commander achieve 4 additional activations in the same game turn, even though, hypothetically you can achieve up to 5.




    Thanks for the reading...
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