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  • Tiles ! Troops and Heroes

  • This week article discusses the role of tiles in the Beyond the Monolith game system. There have been several mechanic evolutions added to the Versus mode since it’s design and release in the Batman : Gotham City Chronicles VS box – and we’ll also bring you up to speed on those sweet additions -




    In Conan, Beyond The Monolith, each unit, Hero or Troop is represented by a tile and a miniature or in the case of Troops, miniatures.
    A Hero tile represents a unique miniature that has multiple life points.
    A Troop tile represents a group of identical miniatures, each having only one life point. How many miniatures are represented by the tile is indicated by the tiles Characteristic stat.
    Conan Legacy player note: We are using the Batman sized tiles as the universal size moving forward, but don’t worry we are making Book of Skelos sized versions available to retrofit new units into your 2015 game.
    Each tile contains all the gameplay information you’ll need to play that Hero or Troop unit.




    Recruitment information (1), Information referenced during the tile owners turn (2), Information you’ll need to reference during your opponent turn (3), and finally Skills and spells (4).



    Faction icons indicate the faction that can recruit this tile. Some tiles are considered mercenaries they can be recruited by any faction.




  • A fundamental evolution of the THS game system is the addition of an Energy value that each tile provides to the team energy pool. This circulating energy pool mechanic deeply affects team formation choices. Player’s will have to choose wisely – team members who aren’t total powerhouses but bring a decent amount of energy into the team or “Tanks” who don’t



    Recruitment cost is another evolution of the THS system. Building your dream team is now restricted by each scenario’s recruitment cost budget. During team selection you have to consider not just whether your team can handle the mission objectives but whether you can afford to include certain team members.



    Each hero or Troop can have 4 Attributes : Melee combat, ranged combat, dexterity and cognition. Only exceptional heroes have all 4 attributes. The mastery level of each of these attributes is indicated by the number and the color(s) of the dice icon(s) – white, yellow, orange, red, and black indicating lowest to highest mastery level.




    - Strain cubes and their accompanying mechanic are another evolution. This evolution replaces the Activation Potential Disk mechanic used in the Batman:GCC versus Mode. This mechanic regulates the number of possible unit activations a team can make per round, desynchronizing battlefield action. We’ll be taking an in-depth look at this mechanic and its effects in a later article.




    - Base Movement : the number of « free » movement points available to each miniature of a unit when it is activated.




    - Base Defense – the value an attack must exceed in order to cause damage. Paying to add to and boost this defense value is only required once this threshold value has been exceeded.






    Thanks for the reading...
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