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Hi there, here is the latest version of this scenario. https://www.conan-scenarios.com/pdfFile.php?download=1&MissionId=618 

In the scenario, at the end I have put links in to the map, one with black background and one with white for easier printing. This mission is a race against time, so heroes be aware not to spend too much time in defensive stance. Steady pace required.

"The world’s three best Thieves combine to meet their greatest challenge. It is known that in the depth of the Stygian wilderness there is a alter to the their foul god Set. It is rumoured that for a period of 15 minutes each Autumn Solstice this alter moves aside to reveal the entrance to a tunnel.

At the end of that tunnel is The Eye of Set !

Not only is this gem worth a King’s ransom three time over, but anyone looking through the eye can make out deceptions, illusions, lies and glamour by the acrid smoky blur it generated in the gem. There is a catch. It is meant to be guarded. So the team pull out their best weapons and armour, and head forth…"


I'm putting all my scenarios on to this easy to use web site. https://www.conan-scenarios.com/index.php I have uploaded scenarios LP001 and LP002 as well, and am working on a campain of joined scenarios.

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Bonjour à tous,

Les donjons ... j'adore :)

Un grand merci donc à Lone Pathfinder


Une bonne âme (très bonne ) pourrait-elle faire une traduction de ce scénario original ?


avec tous mes remerciements de cancre en anglais ... 

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