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Actu Conan S4 #23, THE DAY IS OURS!


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Sword Brethen,

We did it!

Once again, you answered the call of the battle horn and mustered your forces!
Once again, you fought bravely during these 14 days, without wavering, without hesitating.
Once again, you stand proudly tall, as those who wanted us slain lay flat in a pool of their own blood.

Thank you for your support during this hard-fought campaign, and over all these years. Without you, the Monolith would not be what it is today!

Knocking down the Stretch Goals one by one must have made your arms numb. You can now have yourself a cold tankard full of ale, and take a much-needed rest now that you have utterly destroyed the last Stretch Goal of this campaign!

A unit of 5 Crossbowmen and 2 Activation tiles will be added to the Versus Mode Expansion to broaden your recruitment options.


Victory is sweet, and we will celebrate! But we also have to keep our minds focused on what’s to come.

For us, it is finalizing the few printed components (mainly proofreading) to start production as soon as possible, and starting work on the digital scenarios we added during this campaign.

For you, it is keeping an eye on your email inbox for the invitation to the Pledge Manager on Gamefound that will open at the end of February and remain open for 2 months. We remind you that the Pledge Manager is a crucial step for you to receive your pledge.


Of course, we will also keep you posted on the exact day the Pledge Manager will open through updates in this campaign.

Until then, raise your cup with us, and hail Conan!

And see you in a few months after the delivery of Mythic Battles: Ragnarök, for new adventures in the devastated Greece, in the Nine Worlds, or in the sands of the Two Lands!


The Monolith Team.

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