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Actus KS MB:R #6, Revenge on Heorot!

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You did it! Already 9 SG unlocked!


 Artwork by Pascal Quidault, Sculpture by Irek Zielienski


Grendel is a powerful monster that costs 4 Recruitment Points (RP). A life in swamps and lakes has created a unit with the Aquatic Class. 


With his Force of Nature talent (allowing him to uproot trees from Forest-type terrain or Steles from Ruins terrain and throw them at his enemy), Terror, which reduces attack offence scores at range 0 against him, and Berserk, which allows him to make two normal attack actions as his two actions per turn instead of one, in exchange for a wound taken at the end of the second attack, Grendel is not a creature to approach lightly.


With his Barrage of Blows power, Grendel can carry out an area attack at range 0 as an offensive power with a cost of 1 Art of War card, then push back all targeted units by one area.


With his Resilience power, Grendel suffers one less wound from all attacks. Like we said, not a creature to approach lightly, but there could be worse ...


What's worse than Grendel, you ask? Why, it's Grendel's mother, of course! Everyone knows a mom with whom you should not mess. In fact, that's probably all moms. But still, Grendel's mom is especially powerful, and we don't recommend crossing her. Far safer to draft her to your team, me thinks !

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