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Ceci est ma tentative d'adapter le premier chapitre de "Beyond the Black River".

C'est une version "beta",  je ne pouvais pas tester encore. 

Ce scénario utilise une nouvelle carte. Mon idée est d'utiliser une "battle mat" appropriée et dessiner des zones. Pour example: Terrain Mat


Current version: 1.1



Beyond the Black River I v1.1.pdf

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14 hours ago, JabbaTheHatt said:

Looks nice

But requires a new map, not so easy to test :)

Well, it's not so difficult either. If you like to design your own scenarios one more map to play with is always good. ;)


I have discovered there was one Special Rule missing, it,s added now. The scenario is updated in the first post.

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I have read again Beyond tha Black River and this the complete list of scenarios for my adaptation:

- Chapter I: The Revenge of Zogar Sag (already made)

A young settler named Balthus will encounter Conan in the forest, hunting Picts.  Accompanying the young man back to the Fort, They will find the body of a merchant ensorcelled by the Pictish wizard named Zogar Sag and the wicked swamp demon who killed him.

- Chapter II: Death in the Forest (in development)

The Fort Tuscelan Commander, Valannus, is a desperate man and asks Conan to slay Zogar Sag before he raises the Picts against the whole borderlands. Taking a hand picked team of scouts and Balthus, Conan sets off stealthily in canoes. But they are ambushed by picts!  The Heroes must survive several waves of howling Pict warriors.

- Chapter III: Escape from Gwawela

Balthus and one of the Scouts are tied to stakes. The scout is sacrificed by Zogar Sag to one of his jungle creatures at the begining of the game and Balthus is about to meet a similar fate. Conan has to rescue him, and the two of them have to flee into the woods after exploring the hut of Zogar Sag to learn that he is using the magic of the cult of Jhebbal Sag.

- Chapter IV:  Hope for the hopeless

 The pair hurry to return to the Fort to warn them of the impending Pictish assault, but they are too late. The Picts already are all around the fort, and furious fighting is going on. The number of Picts ensures that eventually the fort will be overwhelmed and the defenders slaughtered. The only thing left to do is warn the settlers to flee while the Picts are busy with the fort - otherwise they will be slaughtered, too.  They are joined by Slasher, a feral dog formerly owned by a settler who had been slain by the Picts. Balthus is sent on to warn settlers of the coming Pict raid, and Conan parts from him to warn a group of settler who had gone to gather salt. The swamp demon will face Conan while Balthus will make a heroic last stand, along with the brave dog Slasher to slow down the Picts warriors hungry for bloood and pillage, and buy time for the settlers families to arrive to a safe place.


They all will use the Forest map by Franzi, save the "Escape from Gwawela". Maybe that way people will have more reasons to print it.


More to follow soon...

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