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  1. Agree with @FranHoiss. If you change the leader talent but not the troop unit, troops will still be weak/ useless when leaders are absent. Troops should be viable even without leader units in your team.
  2. Suggestions to buff troops: 1. Make talents permanent. 2. After activating a troop, draw 1 card from your deck.
  3. Hello! Apologies for not being able to speak in French. Just a quick suggestion for Sisyphus to make him more interesting to play. How about allowing him to also throw and attack with an omphalos or even with 3D terrain. Attack can be increased to 8 if throwing an omphalos as compensation for the risk of giving the omphalos to the enemy if the target survives the attack. This allows Sisyphus to be more versatile by letting him attack whatever is close to him and gives him an element of high risk/high reward play, which would make him more interestig to use as a character.
  4. Again, apologies for not being able to speak french.😁 I do not know the state of balancing with the units, but I just had an idea about Sisyphus that I would like to share with the devs and play testers. If Sisyphus will not be a source of Art of War cards like before, how about making his attack a little more special so that he will be more unique. For example, give him a range of 2 and make his attacks ignore obstacles or give him an 8 attack, so that he functions like a glass cannon. This is balanced by the fact that he always has to run and pick up his rock before making another attack. Or another option would be to keep his current stats, but give him a free activation that only allows him to go to his rock to pick it up without using any activation card or AoW card. This counts as one activation of the 2-activation limit and is the only action that he can do. This makes him a little more useful in combat but is balanced by the fact that he can only attack once every other turn. Lastly, how about paying 1 AOW card at any time so that the rock will roll back to Sisyphus and then do a 3 or 4 die area attack to anyone in the rock’s way? That would be all i guess. I hope the devs would still get to read this. ☺
  5. @tony Suggestion for Flying Type: Suggestion A. - Flying requires a complex action. - Replaces the Run complex action. Flying units can no longer run, only fly. - Gives a constant 2 movement when used, instead of +1 movement like run. So even at 0 movement value, flying units can move up to 2 spaces. - Ignores obstacles, enemies, block talent, etc. Suggestion B. - Flying requires an Art of War card to do. - Uses current movement value (1-3). - Cannot be used with run complex action. - Ignores obstacles, enemies, block talent, etc.
  6. @tony My apologies for posting in english..non-french speaker here. 😁 I just saw the draft regarding the changes that would be made to the units. Have you considered adding the 'leader talent' to Arachne and Circe? This will allow them to better make use of their troops and would also fit thematically. A good way to balance would be to make leader only work on their personal troops, much like how Artemis' Hounds can only use their 'guard talent' on Artemis. Hope you'd consider adding this. It will make their troops more viable and mobile without depending on other leader units. Many thanks!

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