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  1. Editeur de scenarios en ligne

    Great job tet2brick any Other additions coming soon?
  2. Winter map

    No, I did not make a scenario for this yet. Maybe when I receive the Nordheim box I will make one
  3. Blood Rage

    À, il existe des pions pour presque tous, à l'exception de Raven Clan, Wolf Clan, Ram Clan, Wildboar Clan. Désolé pour mon français.
  4. Concours Tombola et Peinture Communautaire

    I would also like to volunteer for the second edition of this contest, if it happens. Good luck to the first crew
  5. Conan wave 2

    Received the Campaign Book today Well done, Monolith
  6. Editeur de scenarios en ligne

    Hmm, again I searched and looked 3 times. Assassins are very sneaky and hard to find...
  7. Editeur de scenarios en ligne

    Looks awesome, thanks! I started a scenario using Carl's desert map. I think it is missing the tile for Assassins minions from Stygia. The pawn is there, but not the tile.
  8. Editeur de scenarios en ligne

    Ikhmet for Stygia:
  9. Editeur de scenarios en ligne

    Shentu for Khitai:
  10. Crossover for The Others: 7 Sins

    The final three, in French. These 20 -- 5 leaders, 8 monsters, 7 minions -- add some to the Hyborian Age.
  11. Winter map

    I tried to convert this map for Conan. Does it have enough spaces? Any better ideas for how to slice it up? The map can be downloaded free at: Edit: Minor change in the lower right corner to make each step a separate space (this should also help make clear the distinct elevations). Edit 2: Now I'm thinking maybe this post should be under the Tools forum? Sorry if it's in the wrong place, my mistake
  12. Conan wave 2

    Another (free ) snow map for Nordheim: Winter Forest Altar
  13. Crossover for The Others: 7 Sins

    I think these tiles are OK. And Yog, Nebethet, and Nergal remain the same. Just a few translations still to sort out. Rippers = Éventreurs? Screamers = Hurleurs? Hags of Hell = Mégères Infernales? Harpies Infernales?
  14. Crossover for The Others: 7 Sins

    Screamers = Hurleurs?
  15. Crossover for The Others: 7 Sins

    OK, en Francais jusque là

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