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  1. Crossover for The Others: 7 Sins

    Yes, it's true! I'm thinking of creating some scenarios using the Modiphius tiles to create more variety, as the Monolith boards already have quite a few scenarios. I've just ordered the Perilous Ruins and Forgotten Cities, and there are 3 other sets as well, so we'll see how it goes
  2. Quelles extensions pour le Ks de 2019 ?

    Si nous pouvons obtenir une carte comme l'image de la page 2 dans le Heroes Book, ce serait magnifique! S'il vous plaît demander à M. Cl4renko
  3. Les tuiles Modiphius pour Conan 2d20

    Je ne connais pas de scénarios pour les tuiles Modiphius, mais peut-être que tet2brick peut les ajouter à dans son temps libre Désolé pour mon Google français
  4. Conan-The Others: 7 Sins Crossover

    View File Conan-The Others: 7 Sins Crossover These are 20 Conan Tiles (in English and French versions) as well as Pawns for Leaders, Monsters, and Minions from the game The Others: 7 Sins. The art from that game was also by Adrian Smith, the same artist as Conan. These are useful for creating custom Conan scenarios featuring Demonic forces for the Overlord. Submitter MeanBone Submitted 11/23/2017 Category Resources  
  5. Conan-The Others: 7 Sins Crossover

    Version 1.0.0

    36 téléchargements

    Il s'agit de 20 tuiles Conan (en anglais et en français) ainsi que des pions pour les leaders, les monstres et les serviteurs du jeu The Others: 7 Sins. L'art de ce jeu était également d'Adrian Smith, le même artiste que Conan. Ils sont utiles pour créer des scénarios Conan personnalisés avec des forces démoniaques pour l'Overlord.
  6. Quelles extensions pour le Ks de 2019 ?

    Yes, Red Nails is cool, and lost cities are a big deal in Howard's Conan stories. They represent the decline of civilization and return to decadence that Howard was often focused on in his writing. Xuthal of the Dusk was another such lost city and declining civilization. It would be great to see some of that in the next KS.
  7. Quelles extensions pour le Ks de 2019 ?

    Lost cities, forbidden temples, mysterious towers, etc.
  8. Conan : Editeur de scenarios en ligne

    OK, I created the first MB:P-Conan scenario on your editor Of course, I have not yet received my MB:P Kickstarter, so I have no idea if it is balanced!
  9. Conan : Editeur de scenarios en ligne

    Great job tet2brick any Other additions coming soon?
  10. Winter map

    No, I did not make a scenario for this yet. Maybe when I receive the Nordheim box I will make one
  11. Blood Rage

    À, il existe des pions pour presque tous, à l'exception de Raven Clan, Wolf Clan, Ram Clan, Wildboar Clan. Désolé pour mon français.
  12. Concours Tombola et Peinture Communautaire

    I would also like to volunteer for the second edition of this contest, if it happens. Good luck to the first crew
  13. Conan wave 2

    Received the Campaign Book today Well done, Monolith
  14. Conan : Editeur de scenarios en ligne

    Hmm, again I searched and looked 3 times. Assassins are very sneaky and hard to find...
  15. Conan : Editeur de scenarios en ligne

    Looks awesome, thanks! I started a scenario using Carl's desert map. I think it is missing the tile for Assassins minions from Stygia. The pawn is there, but not the tile.