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  1. Bravo!
  2. No, I did not make a scenario for this yet. Maybe when I receive the Nordheim box I will make one
  3. À, il existe des pions pour presque tous, à l'exception de Raven Clan, Wolf Clan, Ram Clan, Wildboar Clan. Désolé pour mon français.
  4. I would also like to volunteer for the second edition of this contest, if it happens. Good luck to the first crew
  5. Received the Campaign Book today Well done, Monolith
  6. Hmm, again I searched and looked 3 times. Assassins are very sneaky and hard to find...
  7. Looks awesome, thanks! I started a scenario using Carl's desert map. I think it is missing the tile for Assassins minions from Stygia. The pawn is there, but not the tile.
  8. Ikhmet for Stygia:
  9. Shentu for Khitai:
  10. Got an email with tracking number. My campaign book is in Jersey City, but on its way
  11. The final three, in French. These 20 -- 5 leaders, 8 monsters, 7 minions -- add some to the Hyborian Age.
  12. I tried to convert this map for Conan. Does it have enough spaces? Any better ideas for how to slice it up? The map can be downloaded free at: Edit: Minor change in the lower right corner to make each step a separate space (this should also help make clear the distinct elevations). Edit 2: Now I'm thinking maybe this post should be under the Tools forum? Sorry if it's in the wrong place, my mistake
  13. Another (free ) snow map for Nordheim: Winter Forest Altar
  14. I think these tiles are OK. And Yog, Nebethet, and Nergal remain the same. Just a few translations still to sort out. Rippers = Éventreurs? Screamers = Hurleurs? Hags of Hell = Mégères Infernales? Harpies Infernales?
  15. Screamers = Hurleurs?