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  1. I think these tiles are OK. And Yog, Nebethet, and Nergal remain the same. Just a few translations still to sort out. Rippers = Éventreurs? Screamers = Hurleurs? Hags of Hell = Mégères Infernales? Harpies Infernales?
  2. Screamers = Hurleurs?
  3. OK, en Francais jusque là
  4. Chiennes Infernales?
  5. Working on the translations (Google!). If any of these names don't make sense or there is a better one, feel free to let me know Travailler sur les traductions (Google!). Si l'un de ces noms n'a pas de sens ou s'il y en a un meilleur, n'hésitez pas à me le faire savoir Crusher = Broyeur Hell Spawn = la progéniture l'enfer Necromancer = Nécromancien Red Demon = Démon rouge Nergal = Nergal The Devourer = Le dévoreur Hags of Hell = Les fées de l'enfer (?) ... Les chiennes de l'enfer (?) Sons of Nergal = Fils de Nergal Crawlers = Les larves (?) Scorpion Queen = Reine du scorpion Children of Ajujo = Enfants d'Ajujo Nebethet = Nebethet Ice Demon = Démon de glace Horrors = Horreurs Seers of Shadizar = Voyants de Shadizar Eater of Souls = Mangeur d'âmes Rippers = Les éventreurs (?) Screamers = ??? Sorceress = Sorcière Yog = Yog
  6. I think Monolith only said those specific wolves would be Kickstarter Exclusive, correct? Is it possible they could produce a different sculpt of wolves in the future? Also, I don't remember for sure if there are any wolves in Mythic Battles...
  7. With this system as a template, I'm thinking we can create our own campaigns...
  8. New cards, sweet!
  9. "Out of stock" A tragedy.
  10. No, I did not have the $$$ to get the expansions in the Kickstarter (#firstworldproblems) Only the King Pledge, Black Dragons and Campaign Book for me. I plan to buy Nordheim in June -- then hopefully Stygia and Khitai after that
  11. Unboxing video (in English) of Stygia, Khitai, and Nordheim:
  12. Yes, he needs a fur coat. Skin a wolf!
  13. I have started 2 scenarios for Nordheim and Blood Rage at to beat Monolith to the punch "Serpents in the Snow" is the most tested. Still needs some testing (and translator to French, or online translator?) "Serpents in the Snow" Click on "Blood Rage" under "Addons" in the lower left corner. CROM!
  14. OK, here are the final 5 from The Others: 7 Sins. I think these 20 (total) look most compatible with Conan, especially the "Weird" aspect of Weird Tales They should provide some tough servants for the Overlord to throw at the Heroes, and hopefully they will appear soon at (right tet2brick? ). Je peux également faire des versions avec des noms en français si quelqu'un demande. CROM!
  15. I thought this was a good question, but I didn't have time to read through the 13 pages to see if there was an answer. Does anyone know why Monolith did not include a page in the MB:P pledge manager for Conan add-ons? Perhaps it would violate a deal with Asmodee? It seems like a good option moving forward with each new Monolith KS to provide a page in the PM for previous games, if there is not some contractual problem that prevents it.